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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” — Virginia Woolf

Someone once told me the best speeches are those where the speaker leaves a little of himself in the delivery. The same must be true of writing. I am conscious of the reality I am always writing for you, whether in a business capacity as your copywriter or in a personal capacity as your storyteller. Regardless, I hope the sum total of my experiences makes for passages worthy of your attention.

In a perfect world, my material would appeal to readers of all ages. My target audience, however, is young adults. And because there is so much I wish I could have told my younger self, I have dedicated my blog to the kind of financial, career, and relationship advice I wish someone would have given me.

As for the rest of the site? I suppose it’s a reflection of my interests. More than anything though, I want it to be another means to connect with you. My future works will be enriched by the dialogue we share and what you teach me.

Yours in service,

Joe Orozco

  • Developing Your Purchase Process
    I’m finished with my Christmas shopping. I have never been successful at wrapping up my gift shopping before Thanksgiving. You’ll understand why I might feel just a little smug, but this is also why this year’s Black Friday season feels a little anticlimactic. It’s not just my mad gift buying skills. Stores have been peddling holiday deals as early as late October. Regardless of the time of year, I want to share a few thoughts on my buying process. Hopefully these strategies will help you get the best bang for your buck, and ideally, they will help keep more of …

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  • The Dream Job that Got Away
    What if what you thought you wanted to be is not what you were cut out to be? One afternoon I was on my way home from work. The bus driver and I had become good friends. We knew about each other’s personal lives, or at least those aspects of our personal lives we were willing to let people eavesdrop. One thing we had in common was our love of the horror genre. We both loved consuming it, but more importantly, we both wanted to publish it. So it came as a dismal shock on that afternoon when he told …

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  • Life Lessons From a Funeral Home
    From time to time I’m going to share articles that resonated with me. The first is from my usual source of financial management treasure trove, or one of them, The Simple Dollar. This article, Life Lessons From a Funeral Home by Holly Johnson, was published a short while back, but its message still resonates. It reads, in part: As a child, it was hard for me to envision what my future would look like. I’m sure I considered being a teacher once, and pondered possibilities of a future as a dancer, veterinarian, chef, and astronaut through the years. So I’m …

    Life Lessons From a Funeral Home Read More »

  • The Third Person You Need in Your Relationships
    There were periods in my first marriage when I knew my temper was becoming problematic. There were tense moments when the slightest provocation would light my fuse, and as you may know, it is at our angriest when we are prone to say and do things we are likely to regret. I sought out individual counseling. I have written before about the benefits of counseling and still stand by this recommendation for those who are genuinely open to learning something of themselves from the sessions. In the process of talking through my experience and exploring my triggers, I would sometimes …

    The Third Person You Need in Your Relationships Read More »

  • The Biggest Challenge for the Blind
    Not long after the KNFB Reader app, an OCR app, came out, someone posted to a blindness technology forum asking for tips on using the app to read restaurant menus. The post inspired a heated debate about the efficiency of using a scanning app to read menus versus reading the menu in advance or just asking for sighted assistance. In a different incident, there were once two blind travelers at a Greyhound station. When their bus arrived, the first blind traveler got up and headed for the gate. The driver greeted them and called out to the second traveler that …

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